Thursday, December 08, 2011

Für Berlin

All sounds gathered October 26, 2011 for a show that night @ Staalplaat Berlin.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

155: Retiro!


Alhambra Agua

Recorded at Alhambra Generalife

The Ladies Are The Best Park Of Cordoba + Ticket To Kentucky

The Ladies Are The Best Park Of Cordoba
Ticket To Kentucky (For Malaga)

Go Go Galego + Giralda Liftoff

Go Go Galego (for Santiago de Compostela)
Giralda Liftoff (for Seville)

Aguador of Madrid

Live in Madrid, Spain.

150: Bodø Buddha

Live in Bodø, Norway

Lugo Vagalume

Live in Lugo, Spain.


Featuring Wilson Tsang, Alvatoz Lab, Tiziano Milani


Featuring Jazznoize + Jan-M. Iversen

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

with En Busca Del Pasto - Pasturized At Jacintos

Roberto Rodrigo
Pablo Delgado de Torres
Ricardo Sanz
Christian Fernandez Mirón
live at Casa de los Jacintos
mastered by Minuit

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Mad Harm

Recorded in Madrid 11.08 & featured in a concert with En Busca Del Pasto at Basico 11.30.08.

And I Went To Frigiliana With A Banjo On My Knee

Recorded in Frigiliana with Markus Breuss and Tsukiko Amakawa during Zanstones visit 11.26.2008 to the south of Spain.

Port Oh!

Material gathered in Porto, Portugal for a live show at Casa Viva which never fully materialized.

Coy Hombre

Sound material gathered with the assistance of Stefan of Artes Jah Nasce in Coimbra, Portugal.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

40 x 40 2.o

Featuring Alozeau [es] äNACRUSä [es] Bodycocktail [ky] Don Campau [ca] Ken Clinger [pa] Dino DiMuro [ca] DJet [ru] Eloine [ia] The Empath [de] Gintas K [lt] The Haters [ca] Clemens Hausch [at] Mike Jackson [nc] KRV [it] M. Nomized [fr] MockArt [de] Chris Phinney [tn] Sauer Kreuz Feuer [uk] Strom Noir [sk] Subido [fr] Szbutä Soröh [br] That Crooner From Nowhere [es] ThrouRoof [it] Wilson Tsang [hk] Tzesne [es] Ultra Milkmaids [fr] Unitauf [gr] Leo Alves Vieira [br] Violet [dc] Xedh [es]

Tuesday, December 11, 2007 live in Donesti / San Sebastion

The holes of Donesti were explored for this show in San Sebastion. I had help from my little friends near the Mogambo club where I played on December 2nd, 2007. Was that Xabierk who brought me the violin bow? It was Oier whose microminimal show the previous evening at Gexto Arte set the stage for this, the most minimal of Zanstones shows to date.

Alas, despite what the poster said, I am not from Holland.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Dutch Wiggle


Indra Road

Blona Way


Chocolate-Filled Lampickle

Belgian Follies

2B Planetart: Live in Zaandaam & Enschede, Holland

Slaakhuys: Live in Rotterdam, Holland

ORCZ C09: Live in Groningen & Zwolle, Holland

Today I Awoke & Realized the World Had Too Many Notes

Synthony Paravisuel

Extract, Extrapolate and Elaborate Nervous System Data Sets

Emergency meeting at the Refurling Institute

The Spiffo Report

Mobile Flux Regenerator