Sunday, January 22, 2006

Zanstones vs Zanoisect ('86)

"Zanstones vs Zanoisect" is a surprising tape that I've not promoted enough. It's been hiding in my catalog and I didn't give it enough credit myself until I went back and listened to it again recently. This features my first major cut-up piece which was inspired by Nurse With Wound's "Sylvie and Babs Hi-Fi Companion", but it sounds completely different due to the uniqueness of my set up and surroundings. It also features the experimental piece (which has not dated too well) "As the Light Dew Gently Falls," which has some cruel and unnerving treble assault. I love the last three pieces "reminders of Slight Elevational Shifts" with TheHorseHe'sSick [au], Alan Richter [il], and Commando Bruno [es]; "In a Room Big Enough" with Belinda Subraman [de] and Het Zweet [nl]; and "Bombs Away" featuring Het Zweet, Alan Richer and John Wiggins [ny].

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